Use Google AdWords to boost your company in 2019

“How to get started with Google AdWords? How to optimize my campaigns? What improvements can I make to my accounts? “Google AdWords is a well-known online advertising solution that can seem daunting at first glance. Do you want to launch this online advertising tool or improve your campaigns to reach new customers? This article sheds light on everything you need to know to make it an asset to your business this year.

Google AdWords to boost your company

Why use Google AdWords for your company in 2019

Google is the first source that Internet users turn to when they conduct an Internet search, taking 98% of the market share. Every day in the world, more than 3 billion searches are performed on Google(1) and more than 15 million are new searches.

As part of a digital strategy, Google AdWords is an essential lever to ensure a fast visibility of your company. Nevertheless, its use must be carefully planned and coordinated to achieve your business objectives while controlling your advertising budget.

Paid referencing (Google AdWords) or natural referencing (SEO)?

Natural referencing (SEO), combined with a content strategy, is an essential component of your online visibility. To date, it is the best marketing lever to develop a long-term strategy. But it will require a little patience.

What if you don’t have time to wait? In 2019, AdWords is the perfect solution to start generating new sales (or new leads) quickly.

Are you still hesitating? Be aware that the Californian giant tends to promote advertising.

Many changes have thus appeared in recent years:

  • Advertisements are becoming more and more discreet
  • They are more prominent on the results pages
  • New information blocks are emerging in front of the results from natural referencing

The image below should speak to you more:

Google AdWords on mobile phones

As we said in a previous article (2), the use of smartphones has surpassed that of traditional computers and Google is the main search engine for almost all Internet users in Switzerland.

So a good positioning on Google is essential, and the first results returned are those of AdWords.

This does not mean that you should neglect your natural referencing, quite the contrary, because a good natural positioning contributes to the good functioning of AdWords campaigns by improving their quality level. It will be possible to pay less for the same click. We will therefore have to play both sides.

How does Google AdWords work?

Google AdWords is a performance-based tool. Do Internet users see your ads and find them interesting? They click on it, you pay. They don’t click, you don’t pay anything. Simple. Basic.

Here is an overview of the different types of online advertising:

  • The classic text ads that have made its reputation
  • Display ads that allow you to display banner ads on partner sites in your network
  • Google Shopping to help you promote the products from your online catalog (for e-commerce sites)
  • Ads on YouTube TrueView InStream ads, Video Discovery TrueView and bumper (3)
  • Local referencing (Google Maps, etc.)
  • Gmail

Each of its methods has its advantages and disadvantages, and many parameters must be taken into account for their implementation.

Why choose online advertising on Google AdWords?

Transparency: compared to other traditional levers (radio/TV/paper) or online, the return on investment (ROI) is instantly measurable. Reports provide you with indicators on the performance of your campaigns and ways to improve your ads and interact with your potential customers.

Targeted: You can reach Internet users precisely according to different demographic, geographical, time, interest areas or the type of device they use.

Direct: fewer intermediaries means better profitability! Google plays the role of advertising network and provides you with all the tools to manage your campaigns yourself.

Controlled budget: you choose the types of auctions best suited to the desired results. You can stop your campaigns whenever you want and evaluate your ROI with ease.

How to get started?

While AdWords is a powerful tool and offers great potential to develop the visibility of your products and services online, there are some points to consider before you start. It is often best to seek advice. Its control is all the more essential because of:

  • Increased competition (remember, more than a million companies use it) resulting in an increase in CPC (Cost Per Click);
  • The evolution of technologies that offer new functionalities and require an increasingly technical implementation.

The competitive advantage lies with companies that are able to keep up with its rapid changes(4) and implement complex technical solutions. Here, it may be necessary to use an in-house specialist person or a digital agency.

Here are some things to consider to help you see things more clearly:

Campaign structure: they must respond to a logic that is specific to your company and your products. At this stage, you will choose the best keywords and their targeting according to your budget, or the most suitable type of auction and opt for ad extensions. Are your keywords in adequacy with your landing page (the landing page on your website)? Are your ads effective and do they take into account the consumer’s buying tunnel? This phase may require significant preparation and may require a variety of analytical and drafting skills.

Monitoring and optimizations: once your campaigns are online, you will need to monitor them on a regular basis. And if it is possible to automate their maintenance with scripts, human analysis and correction will be necessary. This is where you will exclude unnecessary search terms and keywords, and delete low-performing ads. You will monitor the various generic indicators (CPC, CTR, conversion rates, etc.) and specific to your activity, and adapt the ads and their distribution method accordingly. The keyword library or AdWords Editor can help you increase productivity.

More advanced configurations: the means offered by digital tools are more and more advanced. From now on, it is possible to set up a very precise tracking of the actions carried out by users arriving on your website through your AdWords ads. Coupling with other Google tools (Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics) will provide you with first-class quantitative data. You can then use it to optimize your campaigns as well as your site or your communication more broadly. AdWords also allows you to do remarketing(5) and integrates with CRM (e. g. SalesForces) or Marketing Automation tools (e. g. Parrot, HubSpot, WebMecanik) or DMP, offering a wide range of possibilities.

And now what?

As we have seen, Google AdWords is a must in digital marketing, and can help you win new customers or prospects quickly. Today, this power requires ever more advanced skills, while its implementation and monitoring no longer leaves anything to chance.

You want to be accompanied to get started with AdWords? imedia can help you. Training or campaign management, we adapt to your needs.